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About Dr Ram
Our Doctor - Dr Ram

Pelvic Venous Disorder (PeVD) / Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS)

Modern medicine finally understands Pelvic Venous Disorder (PeVD). Also commonly and previously known as Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS), Pelvic Venous Disorder affects almost 20-30% of all women and has only recently been understood to be the result of low oxygen containing blood pooling in the deeper veins of the pelvis. Pressure on the larger deeper veins from nearby structures within the abdomen and pelvis in these people leads to varicose veins around the uterus, the ovaries, the vagina, and other tissues in the pelvis. Re-named as Pelvic Venous Disorder in medical literature only in 2021, the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain, heavy bleeding at menses, painful sexual intercourse, and constant discomfort in the pelvic and lower back arise from these deep pelvic veins.

About Dr Ram
Our Doctor - Dr Ram

Pelvic Venous Disorder Specialist

The Venus Clinic is a pioneering clinic in Singapore dedicated to the care of women suffering from Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS) or Pelvic Venous Disorder (PeVD). At the Venus Clinic, we understand that you need a team to support you as together we help you claim your life back. Our unique experience in deep vein surgery and in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition, together with collaborating specialists in psychology and pelvic physiotherapy allow us to provide relief and care from pain and discomfort.

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Our Holistic Approach at The Venus Clinic



The myths and must do’s about tests for PCS – understand our step-wise approach


Treatments and Therapies

Every woman with PCS is different. Treatment should be customised and many patients DO NOT need a procedure

Pelvic Physio

Pelvic Floor Physio

Targeted physiotherapy of the pelvic floor muscles is crucial to your PCS treatment

Psychological Support

Psychological Support

The memory of chronic pain and strained personal lives needs professional help and supportive friends who have recovered from PCS

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